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A California public weighmaster's certificate of the vehicle's unladen or empty weight is required for trucks and pickups. A weight certificate is not required for:

  • Trucks or pickups previously registered in California, when the prior California registration shows the empty or unladen weight, and the vehicle has not been modified to change the weight.
  • Trucks or pickups with an empty or unladen weight of 6,000 pounds or less where the weight is indicated on an out-of-state certificate of title or registration, and the vehicle has not been modified to change the weight.
  • Two-axle or three-axle trucks weighing 10,001 pounds or more. The estimated weight is required.
  • Autos, trailers, and motorcycles.

California does not recognize out of state certifications.

A portion of your vehicle's registration fee on the light weight of your truck. This may be referred to as the tare weight of the truck. You must go to a scale that weighs the public for hire and ask for a certified weight. There may be a fee charged for this service.

What is the difference between a certified weight tag (weighmaster certificate) and an axle load weight tag?
A certified weight tag (weighmaster certificate) is used to buy or sell a bulk product when both the buyer and seller were not present to see the product weighed of measured. It is also used when a charge for service is based on the weight or measure of the product, such as household goods moving. An axle load weight tag used by truck drivers to determine if a vehicle and its load exceed the weight limits for it specified in the California Vehicle Code.

The Weighmaster Enforcement program assures that commercial transactions based on quantities certified on a weighmaster certificate are accurate. The program licenses as weighmasters, individuals or firms who weigh or measure bulk commodities and issue certificates of accuracy. Program activities include reweighing of vehicles and containers to verify the net weight statements on weighmaster certificates and routine as well as spot inspection of establishments involved in bulk sales.


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Search here for your nearest public Certified Weigh Master Station in California. If you are looking to register an out-out-state commercial or non-commercial vehicle, this user friendly page will find guide you to the nearest authorized Weigh Master Center/ Vehicle Scale Depot. Once you obtain your Gross Weight Certificate, you will be able to complete the Ca Domestic Vehicle Registration paperwork for your car (non-commercial, Taxi), truck or Van. Scale locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County & San Bernardino County are available thru this public scale center search application. Search Instructions: Zip code database search Example: Los Angeles California: 90067 or Van Nuys: 91388